Care Coordination and System of Care Values (New eBook!)
Posted By FidelityEHR on May 06, 2016

How FidelityEHr supports care coordination and system of care philosophyOne in 10 youth will experience mental health challenges that are severe enough to impair their ability to function at home, at school and in the community. Of these children, 10 percent will drop out of high school as a result of their disorder. And, many of the children and youth who are afflicted by severe emotional disturbances lack access to care.

In fact, based on a recent NIH national survey, only half of all children and youth in need of behavioral and emotional health care services end up receiving them. Those who are able to access care may not receive an appropriate treatment plan due to gaps in the child welfare system and a lack of information sharing between health care providers, family members, and community supports who work with the child or youth.

This eBook, How FidelityEHR Supports Care Coordination, explores care coordination by taking a look at the challenges that the industry currently faces, care coordination eligibility, the system of care (SOC) philosophy, and how FidelityEHR aligns the system of care guiding principles. 

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