Implementing the Wraparound practice model just got easier with FidelityEHR electronic health record software. 

States, initiatives, and providers have often struggled to find ways to manage data and information in a way that both aligns with the Wraparound principles and practice model and meets needs for documentation, billing, and high-level reporting on costs and outcomes. FidelityEHR uniquely addresses this need, providing providers, initiatives and states with a full featured Electronic Health Record that fully supports the 10 principles of Wraparound.

Over the past three years, development and testing of FidelityEHR was supported by two Small Business Technology Transfer grants that aimed support development, testing, and commercialization of a next-generation EHR developed to improve collaborative care outcomes.

Together, through FidelityEHR’s partnerships with National Wraparound Initiative (NWI), and the University of Washington Wraparound Evaluation & Research Team (UW-WERT), FidelityEHR is committed to improving care coordination outcomes by ensuring critical components of a plan of care are entered and managed, making it easy to measure progress, and ensuring data relevant and reliable data are available to practitioners, supervisors, and administrators alike. 

case study mockup“FidelityEHR offers a way electronically that allows facilitators to invest more time with families rather than with paperwork.”

For an example of our Wraparound Coordinated Care Organization, review this FidelityEHR Case Study: Lutheran Social Services of Southern California FidelityEHR Success Story.

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FidelityEHR provides a way to manage and access key information throughout the care coordination process

  • Supports individuals engaged in the process – Youth and family members, team members, providers, natural and community supports, coordination of care
  • Collect and manage key documentation – Plans of care, strengths, needs, family stories, family history timeline, meeting and appt. times, meeting notes, contact histories, critical incidents, services and costs
  • Track and enhance service processes – Family Satisfaction, Fidelity, Progress toward needs
  • Drive positive outcomes – CANS data, youth and family support, residential status, educational environment and behavior, youth functioning

FidelityEHR is intended to facilitate more effective Wraparound care coordination – for a single youth, or for an initiative that supports thousands.

At a youth/family and team level:

  • Aid communication between team members
  • Allow transparency in information sharing
  • Assist in documentation compliance

Help keep teams on track:

  • What are the priority needs?
  • What are the strategies to meet each need?
  • Are we making progress?
  • Is the process working for the family and team?

At higher levels:

  • Supports data-driven supervision
  • Facilitates evaluation
    • Of staff performance
    • Of initiative process and outcomes – Allows managers and administrators (at program, initiative, county, state levels) to monitor implementation, outcomes, service use, and costs in “real time”

FidelityEHR also provides a platform for entering, managing, and running fidelity assessment reports including measures developed and support by UW WERT:

  • Wraparound Fidelity Index (WFI-4)
  • WFI-Brief version (WFI-EZ)
  • Team Observation Measure (TOM)

FidelityEHR was designed for wraparound.

Discover how FidelityEHR electronic health record for behavioral and mental health supports core wraparound principles:



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