About FidelityEHR software: an electronic health record for behavioral health

Successful outcomes don’t happen by accident; they are built piece-by-piece with youth and their families in a fully engaged plan of care. FidelityEHR software provides your team with the tools they need to manage, collaborate, and drive successful strategies developed specific to each client’s needs. Designed based on electronic health record needs of over 100 behavioral health organizations, FidelityEHR software ensures greater fidelity to the principles of effective integrated care and Wraparound care models, including the development and management of plans of care, crisis plans, progress notes, incident reports and complete youth, family, and team information.

FidelityEHR software supports your staff with custom workflows, embedded plans of care, communication and messaging to all team members, and allows security driven access to other providers and team members which are crucial to the success of individual strategies.

FidelityEHR software gives care managers insight – in real time – into what is working and what isn’t. 

FidelityEHR embedded dashboards and rich, flexible reporting promote data-based decision-making and ongoing evaluation of success and barriers.  Unlike traditional electronic health records , FidelityEHR supports the way you actually work, providing the right information to help you make the best decisions possible to drive positive outcomes for youth and their families.


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