Flexibility is integral to the FidelityEHR electronic health record platform design. 

The ability to collect customized data across multiple organizations is central to the intent and design of this EHR software.

FidelityEHR is designed to deliver complete client management by controlling the following through streamlined, user-friendly control panels:

  • Permission-assigned access to all users
  • Record management
  • User management
  • Data management
  • User activity tracking
  • System use tracking

Organizations also have the flexibility to adapt, or even fully customize, existing configuration elements or use embedded builders to create custom service codes and categories, service provider records, report design capabilities, workflows, reminders, assessments, client records, and more.

The Project Administrator control panel offers the freedom to create new sub-organizations, enroll and deactivate Users, change permissions, and overall manage, monitor, report and export on all access and record data as needed. The control panel and admin-only access offers many customization options, including, but not limited to, the ability to edit enrollment search results, change settings on Plan of Care data synchronization, add and edit youth record settings, change available diagnosis options, set required data elements, change User dashboards versions, and add Configuration reminders.

This flexibility can be extended to Sub-Organizations in terms of access, monitoring, performance and reporting, based on the unique set of permissions establish by the Project Administrator (PA) for the Configuration-Wide Administrators (CWAs). The CWAs can then uniquely manage and make changes as needed without the assistance of PA to make Configuration-specific changes.

Master Configuration Across Multiple Organizations

FidelityEHR contains a Configuration Resource Sharing Feature, which lets Users share resources across multiple organizations and Configurations. The Master Configuration holds the following resources that, if selected, are shared with member Configurations:

  • Organization Records
  • Service Provider Records
  • Service Lists/Service Codes
  • User-Created Assessments
  • Configuration Pick Lists
  • Configuration Reminders
  • Practice Model Work Flows
  • Report Builder Reports
  • Report Builder Dashboards
  • Form Builder Forms
  • Funding Resources
  • Plan of Care Models
  • Users

As a feature within Resource Sharing Groups (RSG), the youth record transfer lets the User organization PA, or any User with Configuration-wide permission, to transfer one or more client records to sub-organization Configurations enrolled in the RSG. The youth record transfer feature allows an entire Youth/Client Record, which lets Team Members, Family Members, Treatment Plan/Plan of Care, Assessments, Reports, and relevant data to be quickly moved from one member Configuration to another. This means that FidelityEHR users do not need to recreate User or Youth/Client Records if they move to a different area, or start working with a different organization, but are still working within the enterprise. This function requires the RSG to synchronize overnight, making the record available for use by the next business day following the transfer.

The RSG also lets the User organization share and transfer Users from one sub-organization Configuration to another. The “add User to additional Configurations” function allows the administrator to duplicate a User to other Configurations within the RSG. Like all RSG resources, this function requires the RSG to synchronize, making User access available the following business day after the RSG transfer has been initiated.


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