FidelityEHR provides a flexible repository of information on participating youth and families, facilitates communication and sharing of information between team members, assists in the supervision and evaluation of staff performance, and provides effective, real-time monitoring of costs, services, implementation and outcomes.


Comprehensive Management of Client-Level Service Delivery
  • Integrated features of monitoring and feedback systems shown by research to promote improved outcomes
  • Computer-based decision-making support as part of the workflow
  • Three levels of reporting capabilities for continuous quality improvement
  • Extensive cross-system access and control of the features and functions necessary to monitor progress and improve outcomes for children and youth
Multi-Level Facilitation and Fidelity to the Evidence-Based SOC Wraparound Model
  • Incorporation of workflows, reminders and supports to ensure wraparound staff undertake critical action steps in the wraparound process (e.g., conduct standardized assessments, develop a crisis plan, identify natural and community supports, develop and continuously review Plan of Care and evaluate progress).
  • Maintain and update critical information (e.g., team members, natural supports, family vision, team mission, priority needs, strategies, assessment data).
Effective Management of Braided Funding Streams Across Multiple Agencies
  • Integrating funding streams directly into the Plan of Care and Billable Strategies (services)
  • Coordinated contact and progress notes into an 837 billable form, aligned specifically to the needs of one or more funders
  • Ability to process billable services using both electronic data exchange and heath information exchange

What Fidelity Users Are Saying

  • Karen Simms, MA / Clinical Director, Illinois Access Initiative System of Care site (ACCESS) - Wraparound
    FidelityEHR aligns with the Wraparound practice model and has been instrumental in helping [us] assess, track, manage and demonstrate positive outcomes relative to our initiative efforts.
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