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Case Study: Wraparound Services in Louisiana Streamlines Care Coordination with FidelityEHR
  • Learn how a growing wraparound system of care in Louisiana has enabled more efficient team member collaboration and reduced management and intake time with FidelityEHR

FidelityEHR Featured in Everything EHR

Published Research Article In Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research

How FidelityEHR Supports Care Coordination and Systems of Care
  • This care coordination eBook explores some of the challenges that hinder care coordination, system of care guiding principles and philosophies, and how FidelityEHR supports care coordination through systems of care. 

How FidelityEHR Supports The 10 Wraparound Principles
  • Designed specifically for evidence-based care coordination and Wraparound applications, the EHR supports each of the 10 Wraparound principles in unique ways. Learn more by downloading the ebook. 

National Wraparound Initiative Resource Guide
  • FidelityEHR worked closely with the National Wraparound Initiative (NWI) to develop what is now the platform for Wraparound. In the resource guide, you will have access to a curated collection of helpful articles, resources and tools chosen to support NWI members. 

Presentations by the Wraparound Evaluation and Research Team on the WFAS tools

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