Managing data properly doesn’t need to be cumbersome for complex child-serving Systems of Care, and the organizations that work within it.


With FidelityEHR, Systems of Care, MHO’s, ASO’s and other specialized healthcare organizations can better manage data and information in a way that aligns both System of Care principles and needs for documentation, billing, and high-level reporting on costs and outcomes. FidelityEHR improves youth behavioral health and specialized healthcare care coordination outcomes by facilitating development and management of a plan of care, making it easy to measure progress and ensure data is both relevant and reliable.


In fact, FidelityEHR is the first care coordination electronic health record platform to undergo a randomized control trial to demonstrate its potential for positive impact on practitioner efficiency, job satisfaction, and efficiency; as well as participant engagement and outcomes.


FidelityEHR was designed based on an assessment of electronic health record needs of over 100 behavioral health organizations. A cloud-based solution, FidelityEHR is a HIPAA/HITECH-FERPA compliant, and delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS).


How FidelityEHr supports care coordination and system of care philosophyLearn how FidelityEHR supports System of Care values.

This care coordination eBook explores some of the challenges that hinder care coordination, system of care guiding principles and philosophies, and how FidelityEHR supports care coordination through systems of care. 

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FidelityEHR uniquely supports each of the five System of Care (SOC) Values and Guiding Principles in specific ways:


  • Family-centered interview, family timeline & family systems assessments inform Plan of Care (POC)
  • Plan of care captures family member POC input and signatures
  • Family story and vision are captured in the POC
  • Team Meeting Worksheets (TMW) incorporate ongoing assessment of family support, connections and satisfaction
  • Youth and family can log into and view their plan of care, team members, and other information via a secure FidelityEHR login and password
  • Youth and families engage in baseline and ongoing assessments of the team process (including youth/family-centered decision making and team composition)
  • Youth – as well as caregivers and family members— have access to health record portal: client page, messaging to team, reminders, educational resources for diagnoses and medications, Plan of Care (POC) copy and youth and family shared insights on goals and interests
Culturally and Linguistically Competent
  • POC and TMW emphasize the team understanding of youth and family values and beliefs on challenges and their preferences for strategies
  • Enables ongoing assessment and tracking of community outcomes
  • Inclusive of primary caregiver, legal guardian and multiple family members
  • Includes assessments related to gender, race/ethnicity, language, cultural and spiritual domains
Individualized and Community-Based
  • Core Assessments, POC and TMW emphasize youth and family identified strategies, supports and services
  • Reporting summarizes youth and family needs, desired outcomes, strategies and service provider information
  • Youth connectivity mapping shows youth progress in relationship to caregivers within the community
  • Multiple evidenced based assessments can be utilized to inform Plan of Care and enable program, practice and system level incorporation and implementation of Evidence Based Practice (EBP) models
  • CANS provides EBP basis for assessment and outcomes tracking
  • Supports the research-based version of Wraparound promulgated by the National Wraparound Initiative and supported by the training and coaching provided by the National Wraparound Implementation Center.
  • FidelityEHR continues to invite user feedback and is committed to continuing quality improvement through comprehensive user experience evaluation
  • FidelityEHR was developed by Dr. Kelly Hyde, an expert child and youth researcher, system of care development and evaluator, to support EBP implementations with fidelity
  • Currently the software is being evaluated as part of a randomized control trial

case study mockup“FidelityEHR offers a way electronically that allows facilitators to invest more time with families rather than with paperwork.”

Wraparound Services is a growing system of care that provides wraparound and care coordination services to children and adolescents across Northeast and Southcentral Louisiana. In just nine months, they’ve seen the value that FidelityEHR brings to their team.

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Through FidelityEHR, Care Managers and System of Care Staff will have the tools to:
  • Authorize and Approve Service Delivery
  • Manage Provider Service Delivery and Billing
  • Facilitate Wraparound and Care Coordination Service Delivery Models
  • Improve Positive Outcomes by supporting staff in the way they work



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