Our Transformative Technology Solution for Behavioral Health and Human Services:

  • Giving secure access to PHI and essential treatment information providers need in real time to better serve their clients/patients
  • Creating a safety net with highly secure data access and exchange 
  • Extending comprehensive continuum of care to include across-system providers

Introducing FidelityEHR’s New Middleware Technology Solution for secure and essential data sharing between multiple locations within a network of service providers.

Key Features of FidelityEHR’s Middleware Solution:

  • Securely connecting behavioral health care organizations for discrete data access and exchange 
  • Inclusively establishes consortium consensus-based data sharing rules across agencies and groups to insure data security and integrity
  • Creates permanent ledger-based data access record
  • Extends comprehensive Care Coordination across systems

Use Case Example for FidelityEHR’s Middleware Solution

Connecting State-Wide Mobile Crisis Response Network and approved staff secure access 
  • To search current client records (or known youth)
  • Retrieve secure discrete information to inform crisis response
  • Add data additional data for Known Youth
  • Create records for Unknown Youth, thereby making them known youth
  • Efficiently monitor outcomes of High Fidelity Care Coordination
  • Contribute to consortium consensus-based data sharing rule development across agencies and groups 
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