Social TecKnowledgy TMS EHR Software Is Now FidelityEHR
Posted By FidelityEHR on January 06, 2016

Social TecKnowledgy becomes FidelityEHR

Santa Fe, NM: In January, 2016, Social TecKnowledgy launched its new brand: FidelityEHR. FidelityEHR, formerly named Technology Made Simple (TMS), is an electronic health record software for behavioral and mental health care coordination.

“We believe in investing heavily in research and development,” said Dr. Kelly Hyde, founder and CEO of FidelityEHR. “The new brand represents what sets our software apart from the rest: its ability to provide greater fidelity to the evidence-based care models that are proven to produce better behavioral health outcomes.”

This rebrand marks a few exciting milestones for the software company. Over the past year, FidelityEHR invested heavily in the research and development of its world-class care coordination platform. In particular, FidelityEHR continued to develop sophisticated functionality that supports meaningful use requirements.

FidelityEHR is also continuing to research its software’s efficacy and, in particular, the correlation between the software’s unique integration of wraparound features, and real-life behavioral health outcomes in the field. It is the first EHR software company to partner with the National Wraparound Institute to continually track the impact of FidelityEHR’s robust functionality with 70 behavioral health organizations across the United States.

FidelityEHR users can expect enhanced mobility support, a user-interface refresh and additional EHR modules in the coming months. The software company’s team, led by Dr. Kelly Hyde, continues to grow.

Headquarted in Santa Fe, New Mexico, FidelityEHR is an electronic health record software provider that supports wraparound and care coordination for behavioral health. Formerly known as Social TecKnowledgy, FidelityEHR was founded in 1994. FidelityEHR is the first electronic health record software provider to participate in a random control trial to demonstrate its ability to improve fidelity. FidelityEHR supports care coordination for multiple state and regional systems of care.

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