Michelle Taylor, BSW

It's great to be on the team providing technology that supports operational efficiency.
Michelle Taylor, BSW Client Support and Implementation Specialist, brings incredible skills and experience to the intersecting space of high-fidelity care coordination and EHR technology.

Michelle is a native of Great Britain who immigrated to the United States in 2009. She has over 18 years’ experience in behavioral health with an extensive background in the field of Social work in both Great Britain and the United States. 
Michelle has held positions such as Lead Wraparound Facilitator, Corporate Wraparound Trainer, and Implementation Specialist. As a Corporate Trainer, Michelle has helped enhance the skills of agency personnel across the states of Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, Louisiana, and the District of Columbia. Michelle was also involved in spearheading the Implementation of FidelityEHR throughout the company nationwide and devoted her expertise to coaching, training, auditing, and providing technical support to employees.As a social worker, trainer, and accomplished Client Support and Implementation Specialist, Michelle has developed a unique perspective as both an End User and trainer of the FidelityEHR system. She looks forward to being part of the team supporting the FidelityEHR network of partners-in-innovation!

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