Kelly L Hyde, PhD, LPCC
It's important to me to give back
and and make a difference in the lives of others!
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Mary P Curry, PhD, LCSW
I value the culture of
collaboration and inviting creative thinking with our clients
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Bob Ford
Creating technology that supports and improves behavioral health care is a great way to make a difference.
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Kara Bergerson, M. Ed.
It's rewarding to equip teams with our tool and see care coordination improved.
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Amanda Allen
It's exciting to use teamwork and technology to impact the lives of others in such a positive way!
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Matt Schwellensatti
I believe in working hard to achieve success for the customers we serve
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Karen Demerly
I love supporting the important work our clients do in their communities every day.
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Maria Frazier
It is fulfilling to support our team in delivering quality system solutions for our clients and end-users.
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Paul Bell, M.S.
It's rewarding to create a system that helps make a difference in young lives!
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Carrie Corsi, M.S.
I can help take care of clients by taking care of our team!
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Jordan Miller
FidelityEHR gave me the confidence to know families will be served efficiently!
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